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Structural Analysis and FEM Calculations

Verified and optimised steel and aluminium constructions that will save on production costs. Our experts in structural analysis and FEM calculations apply themselves to optimising constructions to minimise the use of resources.

We ensure that structures are verified and follow applicable, national and international, rules and regulations.

Expert solutions in structural analysis

SONNE’s engineers have extensive knowledge in working with lifting and transportation equipment, as SONNE has been a service provider of such equipment since 2008.

Our consultants have delivered many solutions in advanced lifting and transportation for some of the largest Wind Industry companies that operate in Denmark. Their efforts have saved large sums on production costs for our customers by always helping them find the right solution for the challenge at hand, optimising the solution, and verifying according to applicable regulations.

Project experience includes rigging (using wires, chains, shackles, yokes, cranes, etc), FEA/FEM verification of steel structures, and verification of structures that include welds and bolts.

Structural analyses and calculations at SONNE are typically performed using ANSYS.

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We have tailored our services over the years to best meet our customers’ needs today. Take a look at our different service offerings.

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How we work

We deliver good services and solutions via a good working culture and easy-to-understand work processes. See how we work at SONNE.

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