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Risk Management for Better Processes

Make projects run more smoothly and make the project process a more positive experience for those involved. By foreseeing potential risks and challenges, our risk  managers could be key to your efficient project operations.

By using their risk models for operational risks, our consultants can provide you with valuable research, analytical data, and support throughout the entire project process.

Providing solutions in risk management and assessment

Displaying their high quality quantitative and analytical skills, SONNE’s risk managers work hard in designing, implementing, and  supervising operations and processes to protect the customers’ assets.

Risk management will often involve the following five steps to determine correct courses of action:

  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk magnitude evaluation
  • Risk response planning
  • Monitoring and review

For a thorough process, our risk managers can also analyse your previous risk handling, an evaluation of their willingness for risk taking, and establish continuity plans around these tendencies.

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