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Work Packages for Solid Deliveries

Projects solved for you, using SONNE’s simple and flexible process for Work Packages – an offering that exists with three distinct models. This service was created for customers that wish to outsource their projects to experts. We ensure alignment of scope and expectations for deliveries and we offer this service as a flexible or as fixed model according to your wishes.

Flexibility and a high level of professionalism

We have established this service based on many years of providing customers with projects that are solved for them with in-house teams and offerings on turn-key solutions. We call these in-house solutions Work Packages; the customer establishes the scope with SONNE’s managers, and our engineers deliver a finished package as per agreement.

Below you will find a comparison of our three different models for Work Packages, including hourly price, flex price, and fixed price. Each model comes with its own advantages that are worth taking into close consideration.

Many of our customers have found the hourly and flex price models preferable when projects include the development of new solutions or projects, as these models allow for easier change of scope over time and can lead to more innovative and advantageous solutions.

The fixed price model ensures our customer knows how much the project will costs from the very beginning. However, this model requires a lot more work from our customer in terms of delivering a full scope of work in terms of the products requirements and intended usage/capabilities. SONNE delivers according to the agreed upon scope, but possibilities for changes throughout the project process are limited.

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At SONNE, we focus on delivering the best services within a select number of solutions. Read more about these solutions here.

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How we work

We deliver good services and solutions via a good working culture and easy-to-understand work processes. See how we work at SONNE.

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Want to know more about our solutions and how we can offer these in terms of our services? Contact our management on mail or over the phone.

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