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Engineering Teams for Efficient Project Pipelines

Scale up your company’s or department’s productivity by adding the services of an entire engineering team. This was fast to become a popular service at SONNE thanks to the high quality of the team’s deliverables and a flexible price offering based on the specific customer requirements and team composition.

Flexibility and a high level of professionalism from SONNE's Engineering Teams

The engineering teams service is based on SONNE’s engineers in our competence-centres. These teams are well versed in a variety of solutions within the area of mechanical engineering. Examples of solutions include cost out projects, lifting and transportation instruction for equipment, and FEA analyses concerning stress, strain, deformation, and fatigue.

With an Engineering Team, all contact goes through a designated project manager – making the service easy and simple to use. Agree on assignments with the SONNE project manager, and then they will manage and guide the engineering team on your behalf.

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At SONNE, we focus on delivering the best services within a select number of solutions. Read more about these solutions here.

Engineering collaboration for SONNEs services

How we work

We deliver good services and solutions via a good working culture and easy-to-understand work processes. See how we work at SONNE.

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Want to know more about our solutions and how we can offer these in terms of our services? Contact our management on mail or over the phone.

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