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SONNE Services
Consultant working at PC using CAD software for mechanical design

Engineering Consultants and Project Managers

Highly qualified engineering consultants and project managers that can strengthen a project for a longer or shorter period of time according to your needs. Our consultants are employed specifically to supply you, your department, and your company with consulting services of high and consistent quality.

Flexibility and a high level of professionalism

Engineering consultants and project managers at SONNE represent our values in their approach to colleagues, customers, and projects. Consultants are loyal to our customers and their goals and they work towards adding increased value.

We love challenges, as a company and on an individual level. Our consultants engage with customer challenges in ambitious fashion – they aim to find the best possible solution.

In matching our engineering consultants and project managers with a customer and task, we engage in open and honest dialogue to ensure a good fit for all parties. Communication and contact is continual, as we follow up on tasks and on consultant performance throughout the contract period.

By using our services to take on board an engineering consultant or a project management consultant, you are also garuanteed one-point-of-contact. For easy and efficient communication, our Team Leads act as your key accounts manager; so you never have to be in doubt of who to contact when a collaboration has been established.

Hand pointing to figure on paper with project and risk assessment


At SONNE, we focus on delivering the best services within a select number of solutions. Read more about these solutions here.

Engineering collaboration for SONNEs services

How we work

We deliver good services and solutions via a good working culture and easy-to-understand work processes. See how we work at SONNE.

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Contact us

Want to know more about our solutions and how we can offer these in terms of our services? Contact our management on mail or over the phone.

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