Efficient Project Management

SONNE aims to deliver efficient Project Management ensuring that the customer has an overview of resources and time to realize the agreed scope at all times.

We offer 3 main roles in Project Management:

Interim Managers

This is the person that takes area responsibility in a given period. Here we offer strong managerial skills and an analytic approach to the challenges.

Administrative Project Managers

With high skill levels, they drive the project process and ensure the right level of communication throughout the company and their stakeholders.

Technical Project Managers

With the experience to manage small to medium sized projects, or focus on managing technologies and technical areas of larger projects.


Our efficiency is achieved through a mix of methods. For instance, this could consist of:

  • Breakdown of projects into phases. This handles complexity and ensures overview.
  • Alignments are archived through relevant scope and cost management and reviews.
  • Management of risks and opportunities is an ongoing process.
  • Communication is ensured through visual planning and timely updates with stakeholders.
We are dedicated to bringing experienced Project Management to all projects types and complexities

We are certified within major institutes:

Project Management Professional (PMP)®



We aim to be the leading supplier of project management across industries.

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