Solid experience

SONNE’s engineering teams always deliver thorough and effective solutions.

Our consultants are able to solve complicated tasks and ensure that a project stays on schedule, as they are hand-picked for the task. We thereby emphasise experience in the project-specific field. In our engineering department, our employees have the competencies to take part in all phases of the development process – from early sketches to final FAT and SAT. In addition, our consultants have strong capabilities in all the commonly used CAD programmes.


Thorough analyses of models, including:

  • Stress and Strain
  • Deformation
  • Fatigue and Stability
  • CFD-Analysis

Development and advanced 3D-modeling

Services within 3D-development includes:

  • Modelling and scripting for fully parametric creations of large-scale assemblies.
  • Development of design, both digitally and physically.
  • Expertise in NX, SolidWorks, Creo, and Inventor.


Our work always includes the appropriate documentation:

  • Design Risk Analyses
  • Advanced Tolerancing to work instructions
  • Storyboards and manuals
  • Functional HW and SW documentation.

Solutions within Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Development in the areas of hardware and software as well as PCB design. Work with protocol and frameworks, as well as design for manufacturing.

These solutions can also include:

  • Power management
  • Platform and infrastructure development
  • Multi-PCB design
  • Documented reviews of PCB design
Case: Lifting and Transportation Equipment

SONNE has great experience and expertise in the development and designing of heavy lifting and transportation equipment for the wind energy and oil/gas industries.

For instance, we develop equipment for fixing and stabilising stock and wares during truck or ship transportation as well as equipment to lift and handle part that for instance are used for servicing and maintenance.

We help our customers develop cost-efficient solutions and optimise processes and equipment to ensure a healthy and secure work environment and lowered environmental impact.

  • Optimising use of space during ship and truck transportation.
  • Design of heavy lifting equipment.
  • Rigging calculations, FEM analyses, and structural calculations.
  • Design and development of transportation equipment that is approved according to the Machinery Directive, and like standards, by a notified 3. body (for instance DNV-GL).
  • Lifting systems using chains, slings, spreader bars, shackles, and more.
  • Equipment for lifting heavy materials for maintenance.

We can complete such assignments from the very first concepts to the final documentation and tests:

  • Initial development: 3D concepts, 2D illustrations, and storyboards.
  • Detailed 3D design in CAD programmes: SolidWorks, NX, Creo or Inventor.
  • Analyses such as FEM/FEA: ANSYS and
  • Documentation: 2D illustrations, FAT, and SAT.

SONNE performs the work either on the customer’s premises or internally via one of our offices around the country.

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