Automated solutions in food and pharma/medico manufacturing

We work closely together with our customers and sub-suppliers from idea and prototyping through specification, design and construction. This ensures common commitment, the right quality, and projects on time. Our Automation specialists ensure value-adding process control through the right level of instrumentation and automation.

Main Deliveries in Automation:

Automated Solutions

From idea to construction, installation, test and hand-over.

Prototyping and Mock-up

Functional testing, process control and quality control.

Service Management

Predictive, preventive and proactive service management.

We are dedicated to adding value to our customers, by delivering high-end solutions

We work according to GAMP5 and projects are structured according to the V-model. Examples of deliveries:

  • Process Optimisation
  • Process, Assembly, and Automation Concepts
  • Design Specifications
  • Prototyping and Mock-ups
  • Construction and Assembly
  • Documentation of Changes
  • Commissioning and Qualification
  • Hand-over and Ramp-up
  • Service and Maintenance
Case: Medico/Pharma assembly machine

In January 2018, SONNE proudly handed over an assembly machine to one of our European customers in the medico/pharma industry.

The machine has more than 40 stations, 90 servo motors, and includes robots, vision cameras and multiple recipes for production of variants. The customer’s main drivers for choosing SONNE as the partner for this particular project was:

To meet the global demand. The manufacturing capacity had to be increased quickly and the project was to be fast-tracked.

  • SONNE reduced the time schedule, from construction to handover, by three months compared to similar/former projects.

The client had internal constraints on resources.

  • The staff at SONNE has profound experience in development, modular design, GAMP, S88, construction, installation, and qualification of customised machines for clean-room and medico/pharma production.
  • SONNE has a wide network of local suppliers, all with long traditions as suppliers to the medico/pharma industry.

Weekly meetings with the customer and sub-suppliers were conducted to stay on top of the challenges. Due to the modular approach in design, constructions, and test protocols, challenges and delays were mitigated by a proactive preload of activities as well as catch-up.

The project was delivered on time and budget.

Case Thumb Assembly
Case Thumb Assembly
Sq Machine
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